Top 5 Not So Popular But Entertaing Games

If you’re serious about your game time then you are probably the kind of person who likes to make sure that you are making the most of the time you have. You might have the best rig at home and the fastest connection around, but if you’re out and about then you’re not going to be able to play at all. That’s where mobile gaming comes in and it was made just for that situation. You’re sitting on a train waiting to get home and those few minutes that you have to spare are perfect for a few rounds of the games discussed below.

Toss it

This one is a game on Android and iOs , the games scenario is in an office , and you are supposed to land the paper into the dustbin by analysing various factors like the position of the dustbin, wind speed etc, this would give you countless hours of fun.

Logo Quiz Game

This is not one particular game, there any many logo quizzes available all mobile platforms like Androis,iOs and Windows Phone. Brag about your logo quotient by getting all the answers right and beat your friends to win the logo king title!

Field Runners

This is an awesome tower defense game, the objective of the game is to place guns, rocket launchers etc and stop the enemy from entering your fortress, there are awesome upgardes which you can perform to your guns with the money earned from stopping the enemies.Entertaining Games

Great Little War Game

This is an awesome comical game.In which you are supposed to lead your army to victory in all those little but entertaining turn based challenges.The graphics are real and the game is pretty light weight so you can check this out too


This is an shooter game by Miniclip with upgrades galore, it is a free game supported by in app purchases.It is a verry funny game in which you need to takedown enemy dogs without becoming ham, indded it’s a cool parody of Rambo

Sites like have their own mobile apps that allow you to play your favourite games while you’re on the move. Their games are specially designed to be all the game you need wherever you are. Because the graphics have been optimised to be the best they can be on any mobile device you aren’t likely to be blown away by them, but for loading times and accessibility they can’t be beaten.

If someone had said to you ten years ago that in 2012 we would be able to play high quality games and watch HD video over high speed mobile internet you might have thought they were crazy. But looking at where we are now it’s difficult to even think about what we might see in the next ten years. The future of mobile gaming is bright and it’s only just the beginning. As chip sizes fall and screens get bigger we are closer than ever to being able to play any and every game we need from one handheld device – wherever we happen to be. As the new 4G standard ramps up to be the internet connection of choice it is definitely an exciting time for mobile gaming.