Google PR Update – 2012Onwards Got PR 2

Google page rank update happened on 6 february 2012 and Got The page rank 2 which was having Pr 0. This site had been launched on 1st January 2012 and its quite surprising that it got PR 2 in a very short period. There are hardly around 10 posts on the site. I have created few link building for this site through guest blogging and blog commenting.

This time I am amazed with the Pr update because it showed some surprises. Our 1 year old site TechTricksWorld, which was a PR 4 blog slipped from Pr 4 to PR 3. However Techtricksworld has great number of backlinks, fair number of visits(1000+ per day), nice engaging content But still It has slipped to PR 3.

Any way, These things are keep on happening. Sometimes it goes up , some times goes down. Overall its Good. Where I lost PR 1 for TTW(Now PR 3) there I got PR 2 for my new blog too.

By the way what changes you have seen in your site’s PR.? Please share with us.


  1. Congrats buddy. I got PR3 for 2 months old blog

  2. Congrats to 2012Onwards for achieving PR2 Atish! As for TTW, it’s a fundamentally strong blog in my opinion, no worries, it’ll bounce back in no time πŸ™‚

  3. Congratulations buddy. just in 1 month PR 2 is great achievement. Keep rolling.

  4. Congratulations for 2012onwards. Keep it up.

  5. Congratulations Atish for getting PR 2. thats really nice achievement.

  6. Thats great man..I hope next time my blog also gets PR..

  7. Congrats dude ! Something unexpected has also happened with me πŸ™‚ , my one month old domain got PR 2 whereas my internet marketing blog’s PR remained the same even though it had more backlinks than my tech blog !

    • Yes As you know techtricksworld is old and a huge backlink. still its slipped and 2012onwards which has no such great backlink base still it got PR 2. Google is confused in calculating the PR.

  8. Wow, launched on Jan 1st and already a PR2! That’s fantastic progress. My site PR hasn’t changed this time. Btw have you been building backlinks manually or not?

  9. Hi, Atish! It’s amazing how 2012onwards, a site that’s barely a month old, went directly from PR 0 to 2, and . Congratulations! Only a few sites experience this kind of fast development. Please share your tricks here πŸ™‚ I have also visited TTW a few times and it’s also a wonderful site with a handful of information to share.

    Google is always so dynamic and mysterious with how they do things. We can never predict their next moves and the only thing we can do is optimize our sites constantly.

    • There is No trick Mae. Just build generic backlinks, maintain consistency, write quality articles. thats it. But still Google PR is absolutely unexpected. There are few site which has no content and got PR 2 and 3.

  10. Congratulations for getting Pr 2 . I also got pr 1 for my new blog .

  11. Congrats buddy…This is really a quick and great achievement. BTW my blog remained neutral

  12. Wow nice going Atish, you guys have what Google wants πŸ™‚
    Keep it up.

    TTW dropped down? still has a pr of 3 on the main page. Still very impressive πŸ™‚
    And even if it dropped, as long as the traffic keeps going up there is nothing to worry about. πŸ™‚

  13. This is pretty awesome that your site got PR 2 within a month. You should share some of your technique to get a better rank and traffic. Congrats buddy!

  14. Google page rank update is some thing blog owners cant wait to rank 2 is not that bad for a start.keep it up.

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