Google Chrome Is Now Available For Android Phones And Tablets

If you remember then you might be knowing that Google launched Google Chrome Browser to make the web browsing faster with a neat and clean look. Personally I am one of the biggest fan of Chrome because When I came to internet world then Chrome was newly launched, I watched it on TV show called “Tech Guru”. That Time I was so new about these stuffs that I didn’t know what the heck is chrome? I was only knowing about internet explorer and then came to know about firefox. when I saw chrome on news then I just sit infront of pc and started searching chrome and downloaded it. Then I came to know that it is actually a browser, and believe me from then I have been using only chrome as my browser. I like its neat and clean interface and also I have a mentality that chrome opens web pages faster than any other browsers.

Any way, The biggest news here is that chrome is now available on your android cell phones and tablets. Now you can enjoy your favorite browser chrome on your phone too.

Google Chrome for Android is still in its Beta version. Both Android and chrome launched more than 3 years ago and high volume of users were demanding for the unification of both amazing technologies.

Now the demand was accepted by Google and chrome came to android finally. It is now available at Android Market in Beta. Chrome’s strengths are its Speed and its simplicity. Here is how it looks on your phone:-


So Guys who are using Android phones or Tablets enjoy the simplicity of chrome on your phone with a faster web browsing experience. So whats your views about this great news?

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25 Responses to “Google Chrome Is Now Available For Android Phones And Tablets”

  1. Amit Shaw

    Feb 10. 2012

    Wow really. But its bad luck I am using Sony Eric Vivaz. I want to buy Android Phone. After buying i’ll again come to visit this site for all android info. Thanks Atish For Sharing with us.

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  2. Danny@pole saw reviews

    Feb 10. 2012

    I’m going to wait until it’s out of Beta, I already have enough stuff on my phone slowing it down. But it looks very sleek.
    There is also an app called “chrome to phone” to send links and stuff to your phone from your computer. It’s really cool. I can’t download it though, probably blocked in China. But if you can download it and you already use chrome on your pc then I would suggest you do :)

    Btw. Awesome looking blog Atish! It’s almost as if you made it especially for me haha.

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  3. Reetika

    Feb 10. 2012

    Chrome is really nice and neat look. Its good to see chrome is there for phones also. thank you very much for information.

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  4. Puneet

    Feb 10. 2012

    WAow.. Chrome for android. I am going to install it now only. thanks for the information buddy.

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  5. Peter Lee

    Feb 11. 2012

    I heard that not only is Chrome faster but it’s also a safer browser interms of security. I’m definitely going to download this on my Android. Thanks for sharing Atish.

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  6. Kate Brown Wilson

    Feb 13. 2012

    Wow! this is a good news for anybody who wishes to use this Google Chrome application for their android phone, to be honest basing on my experience I don’t have any regrets using Google chrome in my PC, aside from the speed, cause we all know that when it comes to speed Google chrome is the best, I think I should download this Browser in my android. thanks for sharing this great review.

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  7. Gaurav Garg

    Feb 14. 2012

    It is Really good if i can use goofle chrome with me Android Smartphone

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  8. Amit

    Feb 14. 2012

    That is really great ..Thanks

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  9. Priya@ PC tricks

    Mar 04. 2012

    This is a good news for anybody who wishes to use this Google Chrome application for their android phone. Thanks for the info

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  10. It doesn’t work very well on my galaxy S2. I love chrome on the desktop. Sadly I don’t feel the same about this android version.
    Hoping for a better browser in the future.

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  11. Abby

    Jun 07. 2012

    Wow Atish,

    I didn’t know that Chrome can be used in Android.

    Having Galaxy S2 and always use opera :)


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  12. Thank you very much for your share. I love to browse with Google Chrome. When it is on Android, I am very excited. I think, I can have the best mobile browsing experience with this one.

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