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If you are functioning a website or blog and really waiting for a sponsorship and searching for the new and fresh videos and images, or you want to participate in the contest of photography for winning the attractive prizes, DepositPhotos wants to be your sponsor.

You can access to the temporary subscription through program for bloggers, which offers the free downloading services for the high quality image files. In the return of these services provided to you, they want to do the advertisement of their websites from your side.

For the promotion of the website you can promote the information regarding the prices of their products which are available in the internet for online shopping, the range of the payment modes, and the contribution plans, the new and introductory option that is called Pay-By-SMS, the prosperity and assortment. The piece of writing or the appraisal must be there having at least one proper and suitable key word such that-stock videos, purchase video and image, stock of file or stock images, and stock videos.

Copying any form of text from their websites or form any other resources is strictly prohibited whether it is complete part of partially; do not do that.
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On the case by case basis, the prizes can be offered to you. This is fully depending on the figure of the participants. Your photos or video will also be checked through the rating of your website or blog from the rating as per Alexa. Whenever you are applying for program for bloggers, one of their representative will must be reviewing with choices that you submit to your website.

What is deposit photos

For the purchase and sell the files for free royalty that can contain your images, video clips or attractive vector photos, DepositPhotos is one of the best medium. Their bingo library with a huge and wide range for elastic purchase choice is the only one reason to make it a best and most convenient tool for the website designers, professional photographers and for the artists from each and every form of arts.

By the help of intellectual rights of the possessions, all the files containing your images and video clips are offered for the bid and sale. These files are also being made accessible for the prosperous usage with the license having free royalty. There are a big no of the designers who are searching for the purchase of these types of the files provided by the participants like you. The library of DepositPhotos is being updated by the representatives on the daily basis. The assurance of the quality and original contents is given to the designers.

As far as the term controls and protection is concerned, users are very hygienically assured for the highest quality of the real art works which is accessible for each and every one of the users like you.

Programs for the bloggers

It has never been the best time for the review and check out the DepositPhotos for the bloggers. DepositPhotos are grasping the particular program for bloggers where somebody may apply for the unique provided subscription and the bloggers might use the best stock of the images and for that someone generally does not have to give the cash for that too.

Program for the photographers

For the photographers, there is also a tremendous program which has been conducted by the Deposit Photos, so that you can earn some money by selling your photographs to them. A lot of stuff is there to be uploaded by you also.

Advantages of deposit photos

The major advantage is to use the DepositPhotos is that they never ever take this in the mind whether you are a professional or doing all these things for your own choice. If you are working on any project or assignment and need some unique and never seen images or video clips, you can get it from here on very cheaper cost. And you can also sell your collection to make some money.

How does it cost?

You can subscribe with DepositPhotos for $69, $199, $359 and $649 for one, three, six and twelve months respectively; these are called Basic, Standard, Advanced and Advanced Plus Plans accordingly. Either you can go with Pay-as-You-go Credits; spend some certain amount and download given amount of Images, Vector Images or Videos from them. Overall, a satisfactory price range.


By going through the entire thing up to now, you must have understood that DepositPhotos is a platform through which someone can get in the purchase of the desired photos, videos on very cheaper prices and from the point of view of a blogger you can sell and earn the money.


  1. Very nice information for bloggers. I hope the post with good n related images is a better way to deliver the message. Thanks for sharing this n keep reviewing…

  2. DigitalPhotos! I have heard this name for very first time. I always heard about shutter stock, istock etc. Thank you so much for this review about this site. Nice find.

  3. Dear Atish ,

    very nice post and very helpful for designer that is good photo site

    Thanks ..

  4. Yeah, it’s a great website to find high quality stock photos and images. Thanks for the review Atish.

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