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What Does Your Office Say About Your Business?

A clean, comfortable, and secure workspace is a basic right for employees. It is what they need to perform at a high level and help your business to turn a profit. Yet, there’s so much more to the humble office environment than basic needs. With a little creativity and care, it can be a place that inspires. It can motivate ... Read More »

Top 5 reasons why you should buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung is one of the leading smartphone company in the world. Samsung completed changed the smartphone market when it launched the Galaxy S series. No one even dreamed that a simple phone can be used for so many purposes. Not only smartphones, Samsung brought a whole new segment in the mobile market by the name of Note. You don’t buy ... Read More »

Top 5 Smartphones under 10,000

Smartphones have now become a basic need of human being. Life without smartphone seems incomplete. Buying a new smartphone is a very tough job. We try to find out some good deals, some discount offers, some coupons by which we can get a good smartphone at an affordable price. In this post, we will let you know about top 5 ... Read More »

A Must Know about Private Tuition and Coaching Centers

With close similarity between the service of coaching center and private tuition, most people often find it difficult to differentiate the two. Truly, the coaching center is usually organized in such a way that the students will need to pass entrance exam before they can be admitted.  But many coaching centers are not subject to entrance and all. So basic ... Read More »

Nokia Lumia 730 – A Selfie Phone

Lumia Series, However carry the branding of Nokia but after Microsoft acquires it, they are completely focusing on handset business. Ultimately, Microsoft is launching their “Nokia Lumia 730” which is prominently called as a “Selfie Phone”. The secondary camera is loaded with 5 Mega Pixels which has a broad angle of lens of f/2.4 22mm. The expectations of Lumia 730 ... Read More »

Motorola Moto G – 2nd Generation

Almost everyone wants to buy small budget phones with good specifications; in that dilemma everyone buys unshapely or chunky devices, though they are not impressed with that and yet continue that. But after releasing of Motorola’s Moto G in last year, everyone came to expect small budget Smartphone’s. Moto G obtains a special image in the Smartphone market. At the ... Read More »

LG G2 – Specifications & Features


There have been a rain of LG device, and it feels like singing the Marc Anthony and Pitbull starred song “Let it rain over me!!!” Jokes apart, the LG have been on a rise this year, and must say, this rise is all due to the hard work of the developers and designers sitting there and working to give something ... Read More »

Significance of Screenguards and Mobile cases

Smartphones are not just normal mobile phones now. They serve many different purposes such as calling our contacts, saving images, videos, reminders and many others. In other words they are like small computers in the pockets. Moreover smartphones are not that cheaper. They are not affordable easily by everyone as they are costly pieces. Irrespective of the cost of these ... Read More »

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Snapdragon 800 Gives Record-Breaking Benchmark

You will be very surprised to realise that the Sony Xperia ZU has emerged as the fastest Smartphone on earth according to the benchmark results by AnTuTu. This device was showing its Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset as the best and fastest mobile setup. According to those benchmark results by the AnTuTu, Sony Xperia ZU scored 32173 in the results which ... Read More »

BlackBerry Z30 – Full Specification & Review

BlackBerry Z30

It has not been so long when the BlackBerry was sold out, so the announcement of company’s newest all touchscreen flagship is quite weird. Moreover it comes out of the blue with BlackBerry’s largest touchscreen till date – a 5 inch one! Loaded with a powerful 1.7 GHz processor and BlackBerry 10 OS on the deck. Full Specifications of BlackBerry Z30 ... Read More »