ATab Tablets – Best and Must for Students

A cloud based education firm called Across World Education joined hands with an Indian, Delhi based company called Go Tech, to manufacture cheap ‘Tablets’ for students of schools and colleges. The tablet is named as ATab and comes along with a lot of educational content provided by the company.


One of the major advantages of this invention is that it is an Android device. Being an Android compatible device it would be helpful in developing several useful applications on the tablet. The device has a wide screen of 7 inch that is obviously touch sensitive. It comes with a 1.12GHz processor and a RAM of five hundred and twelve MB. The memory is quite limited with a range of 2 GB, however, this could be expanded upto sixteen Gigabytes.



Wanting to take advantage of this situation, BSNL has launched a TPad which is low priced as well. This was introduced to provide competition for Aakash Tablet. While the government is yet to call for bids for producing 2nd grade tablets, the other companies in the industry are beginning to look for ways to compete with ATab. It’s noteworthy that ATab is being produced exclusively for students of India and hence being priced at Five Thousand Rupees or $100. The Tablet is set for release in the market within a few days. 2nd week of March is the expected time.

Before you decide to invest in any of these tablets, it’s important to learn if you would really need a tablet. Here are some specific uses of a Tablet PC that would help you in determining if you need a tablet or not:


In today’s world, everyone uses a laptop. While a laptop is portable, it’s not practical to carry around a laptop like a phone. This is one of the major advantages of a Tablet. While being quite portable, it allows us to perform almost all the functions we would be able to do with the help of a laptop. The function of a keyboard is transferred on to the touch screen in a Tablet and hence the device becomes quite compact. Also it’s quite fashionable to look at. Hence, you could show it off to the world while using it for important purposes.


There is no denying that even phones have Bluetooth and internet connectivity these days. However, certain operations like using a word processor, watching an online video or playing online games are more effective when done with a tablet. This is because with the Tablet, the screen is bigger and hence working or watching videos become quite simple. Such operations could be done without straining the eyes.

If you are convinced by now that you would need a Tablet either as a replacement or in addition to your tablet, then all you need to do is wait for ATab to release. With just a week to go, a lot of consumers would be waiting to take advantage of its release. But remember, it’s going to be extremely useful if you are a student and hence it’s a must have for students.

Rajkumar Jonnala likes to write about topics on IT, Science and Technology related to server rack and rack cabinets. Technology runs the world and he believes that a good understanding of such things will help us to make the best use of these modern day devices.


  1. There were Aakash @ $35, then now ATab @ $100. All these are good affordable options for students.

  2. These specs already sound better than the Akash one.
    It would be nice for students if the government would help out again to make some decent tablet for cheap. But on the other side this would be an unfair advantage towards other tablet makers. So maybe it is better if companies just compete with eachother to win the student tablet market.

    Btw. I read on Gizmodo that they got some not-geek co-workers to try out the “new Ipad” and they absolutely loved it, but… in reality it was not the new ipad it was the Ipad 2.
    So before you think you need to buy the newest and best tablet, consider maybe you wouldn’t even notice the difference anyway so why waste money.

  3. I love the colours! The RAM seems pretty low though, I guess it depends on what you are planning to use it for!

  4. Whoa! Another cheap tablet. Eagerly waiting for its release.

  5. Nice to see companies are making cheap tablets. Its good for us but really bad for the high quality tablet maker companies. Nice post anyway.

  6. This is truly the best for students. I love the color yellow tablet, that is actually my favorite color. Anyway, you made a great post here. 🙂

  7. but Akash tablet is too cheap and Ready to launch a new version in April let see what updates MINOR or MAJOR

  8. ATab Tablets is quiet interesting especially to the students because it was the priority for creating it. If I was a student now, maybe I’ll purchase this kind of tablet because it will definitely help me with my studies. Somehow, I hope that all applications are wonderful to use and functional. Thanks for this review.

  9. Low pricing of the tablets in India is a good thing because these type of gadgets will be available to every people and will definitely lead to a technology boom for India.

  10. Here in the States, the best you can for $100 is maybe an e-reader (Kindle, Nook, etc.). You certainly can’t get a decent smart phone, let alone a tablet.

    (Didn’t mean to double post, but wasn’t sure why CommentLuv link didn’t take.)

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