Apple launches iPhone 5 in the market

An all new world of smartphones is that of Apple iPhones. Right from the introduction of the very first iPhone model by Apple in the year 2007, there has been more and more coming up from their end. The latest addition to their umbrella of iPhones is the iPhone 5. Unlike the iPhone 4S that was introduced last year and which came across as nothing, but a mere upgrade to the previous versions, iPhone 5 has loads and loads of surprising elements attached to it. The iPhone 5 model was unveiled by Apple just yesterday. We can simply term the iPhone 5 to be a lighter, thinner and faster iPhone model.

Apple Incorp believes that the iPhone 5 model is one of the best consumer devices that offers just the right mishmash of aesthetics coupled with spot on functionality. In this particular device, you are likely to come across some out of the box features that happen to be a result of bang on use of advanced technology. Moreover, we wouldn’t be wrong if we were to state that the iPhone 5 model is a synonym for innovation at its best. However, the icing on the cake is still going to be the size, design as well as shape of this device that is sure to make heads turn.

Let us now throw some light on some of the mesmerizing features of the iPhone 5:

a)      Four inch Retina Display : The 4 inch Retina Display of the iPhone 5 model is designed with a view of making the smartphone appear taller instead of being wider. This feature of the iPhone 5 model keeps it in sync with the required ergonomics. Moreover, you can easily view five days of the calendar, enjoy optimized apps on your display screen and so also watch high definition videos without having to put much strain on your eyes.
iphone 5

b)     Wireless with lightning speed : The best part about the iPhone 5 model is that it is consistent with the latest LTE technology. In addition, it also tends to rightly support DC-HSDPA. You can easily surf the internet and so also download the content of your choice with asbolute ease using the iPhone 5 model. You are sure to have one of its kind wireless experience with this particular model.

c)      Introduction of A6 chip : One brand new addition to the iPhone 5 model is the inclusion of the A6 chip. With the help of the A6 chip you can enjoy effective and so also faster performance. Moreover, the time that was spent in downloading email attachments, launching applications and loading web pages can be brought down considerably with the help of this A6 chip. You will be able to make utmost use of all the hard to believe iPhone 5 features only because of the presence of this particular chip.

d)     8 megapixel iSight camera : As we all know the 8 megapixel iSight camera is quiet good by itself, but it is likely to get even better with the iPhone 5 model. One highlight feature of this camera is that it makes use of a sapphire crystal lens as opposed to the regular glass lens. This particular feature of the 8 megapixel iSight camera makes sure that the end result is nothing, but crystal clear images. Similarly, a certain degree of improved stabilization is offered by this camera as far as shooting videos are concerned.

e)      Maps app : One pristine introduction that all the iPhone 5 users are sure to remember and rejoice is the Maps app that tends to come complete with cartography that is designed by Apple coupled with the turn-by-turn navigation, Fb assimilation, Passbook organization and so also a long list of Siri characteristics and languages that it comes complete with.

All in all the iPhone 5 model is believed to offer its users a gigantic array of two hundred remarkable features. Hence, if you are looking forward to buying an iPhone model then, in that case iPhone 5 becomes just the right pick for you.